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Flipping Houses Is Still Hot in 2016

Flipping Houses was huge before the real estate housing bubble crash in 2008. After that, a lot of people got out of real estate investing because they couldn’t figure out how to flip houses in a sluggish real estate market.

Flipping Houses Is Still Hot in 2016

After the real estate market collapsed, millions of folks lost equity in their homes and ended up owing more on their mortgage than their homes were worth. Remember that? It wasn’t fun. House flipping didn’t seemed just risky, but stupid. Recently, however, with home prices on the rise and record low-interest rates still in effect, this is a bet more investors are willing to take.

But me? I made it through the real estate collapse. I started flipping properties before the crash, and I’m still flipping houses today in 2016, and teaching others how to do it too.… Read the rest

Selling Real Estate in a Crap Market

Ah…the real estate market in America.

Up, down, sideways. Sometimes you never know what it’s going to do.

Selling Real Estate in a Crap Market

Real estate is one commodity that a lot of investors and developers depend on to get them through the rough times in their investment strategies. Heck, how do you think Donald Trump made his billions? The problem is that unlike the stock market, real estate is tough to turn into liquid cash when you need money immediately. This may be the one large drawback when it comes to real estate investing and house flipping.

There’s only one way to sell property in a crappy market  – do whatever you need to do to keep your head above water. Leverage money, relationships, people – everything. When times are tough and you NEED to offload a house, do what you can, and make the best of it.… Read the rest